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Reunion Directions and Maps

Reunion directions and maps:

Below are links to maps and directions for the GPGC 55th Anniversary Reunion.

Reunion maps -- Lake Charles:         JPG File         PDF File
Reunion maps -- McNeese:         JPG File         PDF File
Reunion directions:                 PDF File

Parking on the McNeese campus will be allowed for the duration of the reunion. Keep out of handicapped spaces unless you qualify, and park in any student, faculty, staff, resident, or visitor spaces. It will be between semesters, so we won't be putting out any students or faculty. Best places to park are probably the large lot on the side of Ralph Squires for the performances and talks, and the faculty lot near the bookstore for events in the Ranch.

Map of McNeese Parking Areas

Wireless Information
The McNeese wireless network has been improved. Users no longer need to register their wireless devices. The SSID for the new wireless network will be broadcast and identified as "MSU_Air."

Once a browser is opened, users will be redirected to a login page. Currently enrolled students, faculty and staff simply login using their Portal user name and password to gain access.

Guests of McNeese will also be able to utilize the network on a restricted level by logging in as "mcneese" with a password of "cowboys."

Please select one of the following instructional videos that demonstrates how to connect your device:

Windows Video / Windows text version

Mac Video / Mac text version

iPhone Video / iPhone text version

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