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The GPGC Alumni Association...

We are always (desperately!) looking for GPGC alum to help with recruiting, reunions, fundraising, and all the other GPGC Alumni Association activities.

If you interested in helping, please Contact Us!

GPGC Alumni Executive Committee

Chair: Zart Dombourian-Eby
Treasurer: Maggie Brooke Perrien
Secretary: Robin Tanner and Patrick Webb
Chairs of the Fundraising Committee: Vickie Venissat Maloney and Blake Soto
Other Executive Members: Sally Brockman (McPherson)
        Seth Hopkins
        Kim Powell
        May Ellen Roy
        Melanie Powers
        Michael Whitman
        Susan East Nelson

The GPGC Alumni Association would like to express our appreciation to Josh Brown and the GPGC Office for supporting our website. Our thanks as well to Austin Lin for setting up the original GPGC Alumni Database, to Mike Chambers for setting up the GPGC Alumni Newsgroup on Yahoo, and to Paul Cali for helping to get the GPGC Alumni Website up and running. Thanks!!!