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News of the Program today...

Hello fellow Gifties!

We are thrilled to be welcoming 19 students to McNeese in just a few days for the grand reopening of the Governor's Program. It's been a tough two years for us all, and we have really missed the students, counselors, faculty, and staff who make GPGC such a special place.

We will be back in Collette dorm this summer, and we are looking forward to everything that makes the summers so fun and enriching: science, humanities, and composition classes; the dances and other weekend activities; the choir and the musical (this year's musical will be The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee!); and much more.

This year, the Friends of the Governor's Program was excited to grant scholarships and general needs payments of $31,602. This covered new equipment, updating the sign in/sign out program, and a new online registration program and importantly, the majority of these funds went towards deferring the cost for the parents in the form of financial aid for students ($2,900 covers the full cost of attendance for one student). This summer, every student that applied for financial aid received aid in some capacity.

Here's one of the many notes we received from students receiving financial aid:
"Dear Donors, I want to thank you for the grant and for the opportunity to be a part of the program over the summer. I know I will learn so much there. This will improve my talents and gifts in music. This program will help me with reading music. This opportunity will make a positive impact on my life. Thank you so much!"

This financial support is made possible by your donations, so from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your continued support.

We'll keep you posted, and in the mean time, we hope you all have a wonderful summer.


Michael "Skippy" Whitman, Chair of the Friends of GPGC and Joshua Brown, Director

Older News

Great news! As of March 2009, Josh Brown is the now the new Director of the GPGC. Here is his message to all GPGC alumni:

Dear GPGC Community:

I am extremely pleased and humbled to announce that the Governor of the State of Louisiana has recently appointed me to be the Director of the Governor's Program for Gifted Children.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you that contacted the Governor's office and other elected officials on my behalf. Your support is invaluable and to justify it I will work tirelessly in the years to come to make sure that the Governor's Program continues to provide a wonderful community for gifted children to develop their minds and souls.

The Program has grown over the past fifty years under Dr. Middleton's direction and guidance, from a small day school summer program to a comprehensive enrichment program that still focuses on academics but also nurtures other vital parts of a gifted child's development. I ask for your good wishes and continued support as I take up the challenge that Dr. Middleton created and answered so well.

My very best regards to all,

Joshua D. Brown

GPGC Director

Dr. Middleton and Josh Brown

George Middleton and Josh Brown